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Since its foundation, KVC Co., Ltd. has always been devoted to not only supplying the Japanese domestic market, but also to the international engineering world in general. Over the years and decades we have created an extensive and reliable network of suppliers, distributors and valuable partners in many countries.
Nowadays, KVC valves are not exclusively produced in Japan, but also in Korea, Taiwan and China. This has helped us to build a solid base for internationally competitive prices combined with Japanese manufacturing and quality standards products for our customers. Through which we have gained a very good reputation as Valve Manufacturer in Japan as well as in many parts of the world. Thanks to our extensive supplier network, we have the confidence to provide the valve fitting the budget and specification of your project.
With the support of of well trained and accomplished partners, we are able to provide quick responses to troubleshooting and after sales services. Our distributors will provide you an offer in the shortest of time.
For detailed information about our partners, please contact KVC .Co., Ltd.

Headquarter Japan (Kyoto)
Manufacturing Location Japan (Kyoto)
China (Yancheng)
Korea (Busan, Seoul)
Taiwan (Taipeh)
Maintenance Shop and Authorized Distributor Thailand (Rayong)
Indonesia (Jakarta)
Philippines (Manila)
Authorized Distributor Abu Dhabi


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