Promoting high-quality products globally

KVC provides customers with high-quality products by applying its unique production system, advanced technology and creativity over 30 years.
We have a large number of transactions with overseas companies. Our valves support a wide range of fields around the world. Please feel free to contact us for anything related to valves.

3 Reasons For Choosing KVC

01Supports a wide range of needs

Delivering the best products for our customers with our own production system.

KVC manufactures and provides industrial use valves for power plants, steel mills, petrochemical, natural gas, etc.
We propose the best quality products and services according to various requests from customers such as budget, quality and delivery time.
With our special sales and production system, we can handle a wide variety of specifications, and we deliver high-quality valves with an one-stop service from engineering to production and shipping efficiently. Furthermore, we can also propose newly designed valves that meet your special requirement.

02Technical strength and high quality management

Meet expectations by incorporating new ideas with unique technology and commitment to quality control.

KVC is one of the few unique valve manufacturers in Japan which can handle different types of special metal valves, we got high- evaluation from a wide range of customers.
Based on our policy "warm affection for each product is the origin of a reliable manufacturing business", we are engaged in continuous research and product development with the aim of manufacturing products that meet expectations.
We are constantly evolving by flexibly incorporating new ideas centered on "creativity" and quickly responding to customer requests and changes in the market.

03Global development

Meet different requirements all over the world with various global achievements and networks

KVC expanded globally from early on and has been developing technology in the world.
We passed several overseas standards (ASME, API), and have various achievements in 25 countries around the world. We have estabished a comprehensive production system with affiliated companies in China and cooperating factories in South Korea and Taiwan. Employees with different nationalities are working overseas or in Japan currently.
We respond quickly to the ever-changing needs of the international market and are highly evaluated by customers around the world.

Quality Management

Quality Policy Build trust through sincerity,Quality is our top priority.
We provide valves of high quality which can gain customer trust and satisfaction.

  • - Listen to the customer needs and provide them what they need.
  • - Our valves can meet the requirements and specifications requested by the customers.
  • - We closely cooperate with our business partners to ensure the stability of high quality.

Manufacturing Spirit

Based on our policy "warm affection for each product is the origin of reliable manufacturing business", our passion of making effort for innovation every day never stops.


Putting creativity as our axis, we always apply our imagination to adapt to customer needs and the new market changes. We are evolving together with new changes.

Professional Technique

With our mission of making valves which can satisfy customer needs, we are paying untiring effort in research and development. We were awarded the Kyoto SME Excellent Technique Award in 2013 with our development of special metal seat ball valves that can stand high temperatures and high pressure. The valves are supplied to a construction of an IGCC plant.

One-stop Service From Engineering To Delivery

We have received high evaluation from customers all over the world with the utilization of our unique network and production system.

Worldwide Recognition

Not only iron or stainless valves, but we are also devoting our effort to special metal valves. Our valves which have “accumulated technology”, “established high quality” and “rich experience” are supplied to power plants, refinery-related facilities, and chemical plants, etc. from all over the world.

Transaction flow


Feel free to contact us about everyting without hesitating.


Please provide us with details of the operational requirements and valve specifications.
For new products, it would be great if you have a list of specifications, and for existing products, if you have documentation like drawings.

03Specification confirmation

After confirming the contract terms and specifications, should there be any questions, our staff will consult with you as we move forward.

04KVC Offer

We will propose an estimate based on the content received from the client. Please do not hesitate to consult us about your specifications and budget.


If you are satisfied with the contents of the proposal, we will proceed to the contract.
Once the contract is signed, we prepare more detailed specifications and documentation and move on to production.


According to the client's request, we perform a final quality inspection and provide a reliable, safe and secure product.

07After service

Regular inspection of valves is also important for the maintenance of healthy plant and machine operations.
Do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation on servicing additional items or spare parts.


Please contact us for any inquiries or questions about product information, quotations, quality, delivery and other.