In 1997, KVC was certified ISO9001, being the 10th company in Kyoto to obtain this certification. KVC knows the importance of a "Quality Management System" and so we are always devoting efforts to innovation.

02Firesafe Certificate

All KVC Ball valves have passed the API607 and API6FA fire safe test.


The demand for Fugitive emission valves now surges for environmental protection. As a pioneer, the ball valves (150, 300Lb / 1/2"-32"/ 0-200℃) of KVC have passed Class B requirement.
For Gate and Globe valves (150-1500Lb / 2"-24" / 0-400℃), we have gained the Class A certification in December 2015.

04CE Marking (PED 97/23 EC) Certified

We are ready to expand the European market with this necessary certification for supplying to the EU countries.
PED 97/23 EC certified which is necessary in EU countries . Applicable products: Category Ⅲ Module H / Gate/Globe/Check/Ball Valves

05API624 Fugitive Emission Certified

Based on the requirement of API 600 13th Edition 2015, KVC has completed and passed the test of API 624. With the increasing concern on environmental pollution prevention, KVC devoted our effort to meet the strict standards, and finally the Fugitive Emission Test Certificate has been obtained.
*Qualified valves: 150Lb~1500Lb Gate Valve (and some Globe Valves) up to 20"

06TUV Certified-High Temperature Ball Valve

KVC ball valve with 2”, Class 600 Lb, 580℃ has passed the test in accordance with MESC SPE 77/300 June 2007 Procedure and technical specification for type acceptable testing (TAT) of industrial valves, paragraph 7 high-temperature TAT (excluding clause 7.3).

07KVC Brand Registered Countries

In the valve and valve-related industry, KVC CO., LTD. (JAPAN) is the only party having the rights of trademark registration for the brand "KVC".At present, the KVC brand has been registered in the following countries:

Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, France
China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
United States of America

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