PRODUCTDual Plate Check Valve

Multifunctional KVC Check Valves, perfect for big size applications

Thinner and lighter than conventional check valves,dual plate check valves are especially suitable for larger sizes. Soft seated dual check valves with rubber seat provide excellent sealing properties. Metal seat valves are multifunctional check valves and can be used in high temperature services and harsh conditions.

Dual Plate Check Valve

Consisting of 2 discs attached to the valve body by a pin and operated by the action of springs, which immediately start closing the valve, when the fluid stops, dual plate check valves are used to prevent back flow and also work as a prevention for water hammer.
Dual Plate Check Valves are made from a wide range materials including cast iron, special stainless steels, ect. They can be soft seat or metal seat construction and also have the ability to adjust the spring torque according to the application, which makes it a product suitable for general and special purposes.

Dual Plate Check Valve Details
Model Dual Plate
Material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Aluminium Bronze, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron & Other
Pressure Class JIS10K-63K, ANSI150Lb-2500Lb
End Connection Wafer Type, Lug Type, Flanged Type
Operation -
Size 1-1/2"(40mm)- 60"(1500mm)


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